We, the members of the board of administration of « LuDUS asbl. – Léieruert fir Demokratie, Uechtsamkeet a Selbstbestëmmung » , would ike to enable young people (children and youths) to spend their days together and learn to respect themselves and each other while discovering their own personality and potential through self-directed learning processes.

Max Sauber

Misch Czerwinski

Georges Pfeiffenschneider


Max is a freelance drummer/songwriter/recording engineer and music teacher from Luxemburg. He studied music and music pedagogy at the conservatory in Luxemburg and the conservatory in Maastricht. He worked for over 12 year as a music teacher in a public music school in Grevenmacher where he taught drums, percussion, combo and “éveil musical” (music introduction for pre-school children) Since September 2017 He works freelance and is developing different approaches to “teach” music. He is also very active in the “Free-learner” community in Luxemburg where he helps organise meetings and conferences about Self-Directed Education.


Since adolescence, Misch has accompanied other young people in their learning process. As a youth representative in a local association and as a member of a youth movement, he advocated youth rights early in his life. After completing his bachelor’s in educational sciences in 2015 at the University of Luxembourg, Misch started working as an elementary school teacher. Since then, he has been working with people aged 3 to 12. Misch is particularly interested in the following subjects: participation, coaching, sustainability and movement. In his free time, Misch likes writing poems. He practices different kinds of sports and plays the trumpet. In his home town, Misch helps promoting the integration of all citizens.


Georges has been working as a primary school teacher since 1986. He has gained some experience with children and youth in the context of peace education. For 7 years he co-produced the children’s radio show “Krappschass & Co.” at the sociocultural radio station. In his free time, too, he has always been fascinated with sound and music. In addition his interests include science fiction, comics, art, (puppet) theatre, the nature and evolution of human consciousness, science, philosophy, ethics, meditation and yoga, carpentry, permaculture and vegan cooking. He loves hiking and snorkeling and playing board games. On the other hand he is not very fond of alcohol, cars, and nuclear power.






Since childhood, Dominique has been passionate about every kind of living beings. As a biology teacher, she
combines being together with young people and topics such as holistic nature experience, sustainability and
environmental awareness. She finds inspiration for her life journey in her family, nature, music and free dance,
"what-is-happiness?", other cultures and people,…

To Diane, being a parent implies continuously challenging one’s views, adapting, and going through processes of trial and error. From non-violent communication to acceptance, from love to respect, from life abroad to alternative schooling, she tentatively explores different ways of accompanying her three children in their learning about life. Are our society’s traditional methods of education and schooling the best path toward happiness? In the near future, our learning centre will certainly be another option.

Kim is a psychologist who works in an institution based on non-formal education (kindergarden, youth center, Maison Relais). It is important to her that children and youngsters receive the opportunity to fully live their creativity. She likes to start projects with them based on science and literature. Moreover, she considers it to be her duty to motivate youngsters and children to become more  efficient. In her free time, Kim writes fantasy books, goes to the movies, sews eccentric clothes for photo shootings and likes visiting flea markets with friends.