“Honourable members of the species Homo Sapiens: In my capacity as representative of the Galactic Council for the Exploration and Integration of Conscious Forms of Life, I hereby allow myself to address you with the specific intention of reactivating the unfolding of your enormous potential.

“The Galactic Council is concerned about the way you deal with your offspring. You are unwillingly suppressing the young Homo Sapiens’ natural developmental possibilities by separating them from themselves, their parents and grandparents and their siblings for much of their waking period, locking them up in so-called ‘educational institutions’ and trusting that they will be taught the things they need for their later lives by specialists under precisely defined conditions.

“After many years of observation, we believe that this agreement has purely pragmatic reasons, which result from the unnatural organization of your civilization. Unfortunately, the associated extreme limitation and fragmentation of knowledge, lack of contextual experience, and disregard for the individual, genetically determined preferences of young people leads to their nervous system being underchallenged and overchallenged at the same time.

“Just take a look at how other highly developed social species on your planet support their offspring! They spend their lives in mixed-age groups, doing what they like best and enabling the next generation to accompany them and playfully find their own way through observation and imitation. They do neither need to lump them together nor to control or evaluate them.

“O Great Mother of Cosmic Evolution, lead these good beings back onto the path of self-directed development! Let them free their children so that they can freely explore their inner and outer world with self-chosen partners and fully unfold their enormous potential! Only in this way will they be adequately prepared for the complex reorganization and rehabilitation tasks that await them after the epoch of chaotic materialism. And only then shall we finally be able to receive them into the Commonwealth of Integrally Conscious Peoples of the Outer Edge of the Milky Way … .”