We, the members of the board of administration of « LuDUS asbl. – Léieruert fir Demokratie, Uechtsamkeet a Selbstbestëmmung » , would ike to enable young people (children and youths) to spend their days together and learn to respect themselves and each other while discovering their own personality and potential through self-directed learning processes.

Since adolescence, Misch has accompanied other young people in their learning process. As a youth representative in a local association and as a member of a youth movement, he advocated youth rights early in his life. After completing his bachelor’s in educational sciences in 2015 at the University of Luxembourg, Misch started working as an elementary school teacher. Since then, he has been working with people aged 3 to 12. Misch is particularly interested in the following subjects: participation, coaching, sustainability, movement and media/ICT.


Georges has been working as a primary school teacher since 1986. He has gained some experience with children and youth in the context of peace education. For 7 years he co-produced the children’s radio show “Krappschass & Co.” at the sociocultural radio station. In his free time, too, he has always been fascinated with sound and music. In addition his interests include science fiction, comics, art, (puppet) theatre, the nature and evolution of human consciousness, science, philosophy, ethics, meditation and yoga, carpentry, permaculture and vegan cooking. He loves hiking and snorkeling and playing board games.

As a psychologist and psychotherapist, Myriam accompanies people young and old in their personal development. Very curious by nature and constantly learning, she is interested in educational alternatives, ecological transition, Shiatsu, Qigong and mindfulness meditation. In her free time, she likes to read, travel and daydream.


Claudia has been an enthusiastic yoga teacher and physiotherapist for 20 years.
The connection of physical and mental movement to self-development is always the focus for her – completely in the sense of (everyday) learning and growing.
As in her own childhood, she now lives with her family close to nature and in contact with the village community.
Her interest in alternatives to the existing education system has been growing more and more in recent years, spurred on both by the needs of her 2 children and by diverse encounters with other families and adults.
Her hobbies are her horses, hiking and exploring nature, yoga, nutrition and much more.


Horst is a child of the Baltic Sea and has transformed himself into a European in the course of his varied education and professional career.
He is a teacher of German and co-founder and scientific director of a German-Dutch secondary school. As a systemic family therapist he is
particularly interested in the systemic aspects of school. Horst’s pedagogical model is the learning teacher who teaches his/her students
to be curious through his/her learning role model function.
Horst enjoys spending his free time in nature, on hiking and cycling tours, on a horse or in a sailing boat. Two or three books are always with him in
his rucksack.

Amine is committed to promoting social innovations and new technologies by combining his engineering background, his passion for education and his love of travel.
He is curious to understand how children learn in different environments and structures. His visits to schools in Luxembourg, Jerusalem, Namibia and Iran have given him interesting insights into pedagogies based on discovery and sharing that inspire and engage young people.
As a data scientist in the field of artificial intelligence and a social entrepreneur, Amine is also involved in a technological project to enable children to learn together on the principle of peer-learning by allowing them to feed their natural curiosity.
He is French and Moroccan and has been living in Luxembourg since 2014.

While accompanying her patients as a home care worker, Sandrine realised that they were missing some of life’s lessons.
Her reflection was as follows: if we learnt to know ourselves, to know how we function, wouldn’t we cope more smoothly with the difficult moments in life?
She therefore took a university degree in positive psychology, a training that led her to take an interest in children and their schooling, in their emotional intelligence.
Sandrine is currently training to become a psycho-pedagogue. She is convinced that there is no single school model, but rather that there are different ways of learning depending on the individual. For her, the child must be at the centre of his or her schooling. A fulfilled child will be an accomplished adult. 
Her hobbies: reading, learning, meditating in nature, taking long walks, music.